SS: in the above map can see the etna eruption of 2002 during the previous solar maximum .. as went into eruption a chain of events occurred .. a giant wave was recorded in the pacific ocean which you can see in the pacific ocean wave heights map above .. red is 50ft high waves . also as etna erupted was detected an “off the charts” kp index reading and a gravity wave was detected by elfrad . if that wasn’t enough then blackouts occurred.

SS: this is the second in a series of etna blogs and “core spikes” .. hopefully soon i will have a blog with the data regarding this etna volcano turning from a “hot spot” volcano into an “island arc” volcano during the previous solar maximum. an “island arc” volcano is different than a “hot spot” volcano because the “island arc” volcano magma comes from the earth’s core .

SS: at this time i think science does not know enough about the earth’s core to  make any predictions regarding this data .. which if someone says we don’t have data well i happen to have mounds of data to prove that my theories are correct .. and i don’t believe that the earth will ever end since if anything were to happen the planet will still be here .

Earthhquakes in Sicily Jolt Mount Etna Into Life 10-27-02 Italy (Reuters) – Rivers of boiling lava poured down Mount Etna Sunday, engulfing small buildings and threatening a mountain lodge after a series of earthquakes (news – web sites) awakened Europe’s highest and most active volcano. Pine trees caught fire almost instantly as the heat of the lava engulfed them and the stench of sulphur filled the air as cracks opened up in the ground, witnesses said. The eruptions began in the early hours of Sunday, after a series of small earthquakes shook the eastern edge of Sicily and parts of mainland Italy. Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology said more than 100 tremors measuring 1.1 to 3.5 on the Richter scale struck the region, with the epicenter just one mile south-east of the center of Etna’s crater. The volcano, Europe’s highest at 10,900 feet, pumped out huge dark clouds of ash and spurted streams of boiling magma 300 to 600 feet into the air. More than 15 hours after the first eruptions, an immense mushroom-shaped cloud still hung over the mountain top. Three tongues of lava were seen snaking down the mountain from fissures at a height of around 7,545 feet to 8,200 feet. Etna is almost constantly rumbling, but has not produced any serious activity since a series of eruptions in July and August last year, which experts described as one of the most erratic and complex displays in 300 years

High Surf warning/advisory number 4 National Weather Service Honolulu hi 4 PM HST Mon Nov 25 2002 The National Weather Service has continued a * High Surf warning for… Northwest facing shores of all the hawaiian islands. * Effective tonight and Tuesday. * Surf is forecast to rise to the following Heights… Kauai and oahu…20 To 30 feet Maui molokai and lanai…15 To 25 feet Big Island…8 To 12 feet. In addition… * A high Surf advisory is in effect for tonight and Tuesday for the oahu West shores where Surf Heights of 10 to 15 feet can be expected. The Waianae coast faces Southwest and therefore does not get the full effect of the Northwest swell. Swell data from buoy 51001 indicate that Surf along exposed beaches on Kauai and oahu will be reaching Heights near 30 feet overnight and early Tuesday with a few higher sets. Surf Heights will then slowly decline Tuesday afternoon but still be very high. A high Tide near 2 feet will occur in most locations between 730 and 930 AM Tuesday morning.

Etna: The stuff of myths An angry, ancient monster, trapped for thousands of years under the 3,315-metre-high Mount Etna, periodically loses his temper and spurts out spectacular columns of fire from one of its 100 dragon heads. This, according to one Greek myth, explains the eruptions of the highest, most active volcano in Europe. Etna (its name derives from the Greek word aitho, or “I burn”), towers above Catania, on the eastern coast of Sicily. Its geological characteristics indicate that it has been active for more than two-and-a-half million years. Great mythology:  For the ancient Greeks, the mountain housed the workshop of Hephaestus, otherwise known as Vulcan, the god of fire and metalwork, and was home to the giant one-eyed monster, Cyclops. Another myth said that Typhon, a 100-headed monster who was the son of earth goddess Gaia, was trapped under Mount Etna by Zeus after he tried to rebel, and he has been spitting out his angry flames ever since.

SS: the first graph above  is the “off the charts” kp spike which we call the “core spike” .. it is so far off the charts it is all the way up into the next chart .. that is totally off the charts like we never seen before .. the second graph above is from HAARP which shows the magnetosphere warpage anomaly associated with “core spike” .

SS:  the above next two graphs show a gravity wave detected on the day of the “core spike” . the gravity wave actually was detected five hours before the “core spike” event. this is not the first time i have seen a gravity wave arrive several hours before the core event. going forward in time a gravity wave arrived several hours before the GRB was detected during the indonesian great quake tsunami .. gravity waves travel faster than light, they travel at the speed of thought.

Gravity Wave? On November 24th,  2002, the ELFRAD detection system recorded another unknown anomaly. Even though there was a higher than normal magnetic outburst from the Sun, this waveform’s amplitude was extremely high. NOAA reported  the Kp index as  plus 9.  For a period of 36 minutes, with the peak amplitude at 23:31:42,  the Kp index  literally went off the chart.

It is possible the ELFRAD sensors have recorded another Gravity Wave.  This waveform pictured above has some unusual characteristics. A rough sine shaped wave lasting for 36.3 minutes starting at 23:20:37 UT, with a peak at 23:31:42 UT, lasting until 23:57:08 UT.  This equates to a signal with a wavelength 405,656,460 miles long. As of this date the Sun is 92,560,606 miles distant. In other words, the length of the wave is 4.38 times the distance from the earth to the Sun.

More info… November 25, 2002 at 18:32:10 MOST telling is this info from the ACE spacecraft for the period designated by ELFRAD:

2002 11 24 2145 1 2002 11 24 223959 3.00 55.0 2.67
2002 11 24 2200 2 2002 11 24 225604 2.67 56.1 2.67
2002 11 24 2215 3 2002 11 24 231017 3.00 55.3 2.67
2002 11 24 2230 7 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.00 -1.0 2.67
2002 11 24 2245 7 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.00 -1.0 2.67
2002 11 24 2300 7 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.00 -1.0 2.67
2002 11 24 2315 7 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.00 -1.0 2.67
2002 11 24 2330 7 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.00 -1.0 2.67
2002 11 24 2345 7 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.00 -1.0 2.67
2002 11 25 0000 7 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.00 -1.0 2.33
2002 11 25 0015 7 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1.00 -1.0 2.33
2002 11 25 0030 3 2002 11 25 012625 3.00 56.4 2.33
2002 11 25 0045 2 2002 11 25 014244 3.33 57.7 2.33
2002 11 25 0100 1 2002 11 25 015831 3.33 58.5 2.33

See those rows of “-1′s” ? thats incomplete or “no data” from the spacecraft. And at precisely the time ELFRAD states the Kp went thru the roof.

Timing is everything... November 26, 2002 at 10:19:42 Timing is important, I believe this is where Mitch and  Elfrad crossed lines so to speak. It appears there were two distinct events, one with this “gravity wave” and then 5 hours later a large spike in the Kp. 2330 (24th) and 0430 (25th) UTC respectively. The Haarp graph shows the 0430 spike and the only evidence outside of Elfrad graph for the 2330 event that I can find is the ACE spacecraft going bingo data for a couple hours. As far as the graph for the Kp shooting over 9 that Elfrad wisely saved, that timing was much closer to the 2330 event.

How Gravitational Waves Lead to Space-Time Ripples: Gravitational radiation causes a strain on the fabric of space-time transverse to (i.e., extending across) the direction in which its waves are propagated. As they strike, say, the Earth, the waves will stretch the fabric in one direction, while along another, they compress it.

SS: the top image shows an amplified schumann resonance .. the image below it shows the normal schumann resonance .. and the third image above shows all the schumann resonance and also power lines at 50hz and 60hz  .. the reason i mention the power lines is because during the “core spike” there  was a large blackout in argentina ..

Gigantic Blackout Leaves 8 Million Without Power Buenos Aires, Nov. 24, 2002  — A gigantic blackout caused by an explosion in the substation were tension remains high and located near the Buenos Aires party of Ezeiza. The blackout has left more than four million Argentineans without power or water. During this time of year (summer), many suffer from suffocating temperatures. As a result of the power outage, approximately eight million Argentine Water clients remain without water work services. .

Powerful Wind Rakes Southern California, Breaking Power Lines and Fanning Fires Nov 26, 2002 LOS ANGELES (AP) – Wind gusted to 50 mph across California for a second day Tuesday, causing power outages from the San Francisco Bay area to San Diego. The wind also fanned brush fires in the Sierra Nevada and in the Los Angeles area. Thousands of people woke up without electricity Tuesday in Los Angeles, Oakland and San Diego, and the blackouts and wind-blown debris created challenges for commuters.

A broad river of lava is seen issuing from the base of the active pyroclastic cone at 2750 m elevation on the southern flank of Mount Etna in this photograph taken by Fabrizio Villa on the evening of 16 December 2002 and published in the 17 December 2002 issue of “La Sicilia”

An aerial view of the effect that micro telluric tremors are having on the Eolie Island’s archipelago in southern Italy, Monday, Nov. 4, 2002 seen in this image from TV made available Tuesday Nov. 5, 2002. According to volcano experts and geologists, the sea around the islands has been bubbling and giving off a strong smell of sulphur. The tremors and underwater eruptions have also killed hundreds of fish. (AP Photo/RAI TG3 FRAMEGRAB) TV OUT