SS: before this earthquake hit on friday there was two more massive hurricanes aiming for fukushima .. after the earthquake hit and a small tsunamii the francisco hurricane weakened and veered away from the coast and the other hurricane has weakened as well .. now is the time to fix fukushima .. i believe that a giant carbon water filtering plant needs to be built there immediately using massive resources that all countries provide .

SS: so far none have attempted to fix fukushima. obama has swept both this disaster and the methane sinkhole under the rug .. this is not the kind of leadership we need in a world crisis .. it was the penguin church pedophile who cause these catastrophes by telling everyone it was ok to use mahabharata weapons and obama knows this and he protects him with different excuses. i believe obama thinks that people underground will live while all of us die .. problem with that scenario is the open stargate and that i am certain the martians also had technology of underground bases and looking at mar that we can see with our very own eyes the andromedian martians even under ground did not survive.

SS: i believe we are free that we dont have to cooperate with an incompetent leader who is not doing what is best for all of us the people of the usa and of earth . remember that we are dealing with a pedophile ring here .. pedophiles have lower IQ’s and other brain dysfunctions such as memory problems. this is why we require a leader who has high IQ with well developed brain can understand science .. a bunch little short pedophiles running around isnt going to heal this world. as we can all see fukushima catastrophe has grown worse while obama has been president . inspiration from pedophiles these last two and half years has not solved the catastrophes, instead they have worsened. we need real leadership in this time of world crisis. i will cooperate with leadership that can rise above the rest and succeed where others have failed .

SS: think on this everyone. obama and his admin does nothing while all of us are poisoned .. ALL OF US .. the entire world .. and he dictates to us what how he wants things .. i am not going to coorperate with him .. let us find a new leadership that doesn’t have excuses why it’s ok that a pedophile does something stupid get us all poisoned like a “jim jones” cult church.

Double whammy drenching in Japan? Super typhoon Francisco may follow Wipha’s path October 18 Just one week following a deadly dousing from Typhoon Wipha, a second typhoon could deluge Japan. On the heels of Wipha comes super typhoon Francisco, about 250 miles west-northwest of Guam, tracking north-northwestward. Long-term track guidance takes super typhoon Francisco on a course generally towards Japan, with another round of rain and wind possible some time between Wednesday and Friday next week.

No reports of damage after 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits Japan October 25, 2013 TOKYO –  An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck early Saturday off Japan’s east coast, the U.S. Geological Survey said, and Japan’s emergency agencies issued a tsunami advisory for the region that includes the crippled Fukushima nuclear site. Tsunamis of up to 15 inches were reported at four areas along the coast, but the advisory was lifted less than two hours after the quake. There were no immediate reports of damage on land. Japanese television images of harbors showed calm waters. The quake hit at 2:10 a.m. Tokyo time about 170 miles off Fukushima, and it was felt in Tokyo, some 300 miles away.

Typhoon weakens off Japanese coast 26 Oct 2013 TOKYO: Typhoon Francisco weakened on Saturday and veered away from Japan’s Pacific coast after forcing more than 1,000 people to take shelter on an island where rain-triggered mudslides left 43 dead or missing last week. The centre of the storm, packing winds of up to 144 kilometres (90 miles) per hour, was located some 400 kilometres (250 miles) southeast of Tokyo at noon (0300 GMT) as it moved eastwards at 45 kilometres per hour, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. Meanwhile, Typhoon Lekima, located further east and packing stronger winds, was also expected to be downgraded by Sunday morning.

Understanding the Weather’s Water Cycle Precipitation, the liquid and solid water particles that fall from the sky, is part of a large and truly amazing cycle of water. It passes from the bottoms of the seas to the tops of the mountains, from the heights of the sky to the depths of the earth. Changing water’s form from gas to liquid to solid, weather drives this water cycle that is the heart of the possibility of life.

Pedophilic men’s brains show white matter anomalies The large areas of abnormal white matter seen in men with pedophilia, the researchers say, would be expected to lead to impairment of other brain functions in addition to sexual behavior. “That expectation,” they say, “does indeed appear to be the case.” They cite previous research showing that compared to controls, pedophilic men have reduced IQs, poor visuospatial and verbal memory skills, elevated rates of significant childhood head injuries, a higher rate of non-right-handedness (which can be a sign of brain injury), and higher rates of school failure or special education placement. In addition, they note, recent research suggests that male pedophiles are shorter than average, “suggesting that the poor white matter volumes detected here may be one component of generally poor physical development.”

After the passing of Typhoon Wipha, a Japanese farm woman walks over flooded land on her farm, some 80 km east of Tokyo in Isumi city, Chiba prefecture, Japan, 16 October 2013. At least eight people died in eastern Japan as a powerful typhoon bringing torrential rains and strong winds lashed the region early 16 October. Seven residents died and about 50 people remained unaccounted for after dozens of homes were washed away by a swollen river on Izu Oshima island, 120 kilometres south of Tokyo, broadcaster NHK reported, citing local authorities. EPA/EVERETT KENNEDY BROWN

A Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) image from NASA’s Terra satellite shows Typhoon Francisco approaching on its northward journey over Japan October 23, 2013. REUTERS/NASA/Handout via Reuters (JAPAN – Tags: DISASTER TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY ENVIRONMENT)