Photo: MEXICO CITY (AP) – The Popocatepetl volcano blasted out ash and steam on Tuesday, a day after a mushroom-shaped cloud five miles high burst from the summit. The ash and steam billowed 11/2 miles above the crater Tuesday morning, following the show of red-hot rocks that spewed from the volcano Monday in one of Popocatepetl’s most spectacular eruptions of the past millennium. The 17,886-foot volcano spat hot rocks half a mile from its crater and gritty ash showered nearby towns, including Puebla, a city of 1.2 million people 25 miles east of the crater.More ominous was a small mudslide of volcanic ash down the Huiloac canyon that leads to the town of Santiago Xalitzintla. Officials consider mudslides of built-up ash one of the gravest dangers posed by the volcano.On Dec. 18, the volcano staged its most violent eruption in 1,200 years, spewing red-hot rock like a Roman candle and convincing thousands who live at its base to flee to shelters set up in safe areas.

USGS - At least 683 people killed, some missing, 3,440 injured, 38,628 houses destroyed, 84,682 houses damaged and some churches, schools and other buildings destroyed or damaged in El Salvador. A large number of the casualties and damage were caused by large landslides in the Santa Tecla area. At least 6 people killed in south-eastern Guatemala. Felt strongly in Chiapas, Mexico. Felt at Mexico City, most of Honduras and Nicaragua, in parts of Belize, Costa Rica and Panama and tall buildings in some cities of Colombia.